Super Candy Jewels Game

Welcome to Super Candy Jewels, a simple but fun puzzle game with a three-in-a-row theme! Girls and boys, have you ever denied yourself the purchase of jelly sweets in stores? Or maybe you were forbidden to eat them by your parents? Today you will have a great opportunity to get into a huge super jelly candy world that you have never even seen before! In this game, you are not that look at the candy, you will think that they eat them all, because they are so sweet and beautiful! Ready for a three in a row puzzle game with super jelly candies? Here we go!

Your task is to complete the tasks of each level. The point is that each level has a move counter, which is capable of decreasing for each move. You need to swap candies to form a chain of 3 or more candies of the same color. If you make up more than three, you get explosive bonuses for doing so. If you run out of moves, tap the heart icon to get extra moves. The lollipop icon on a stick means that you can destroy 1 candy. If you click on the chocolate ball you will get rid of the random candy. Enjoy a fun adventure together with super jelly candy and try to pass all levels. We wish you the best of luck!

Category: Match 3 Games
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