Super Mahjong Game

You are welcomed in the game "Super Mahjong", which is much different from the usual puzzles of all mahjongs. You're probably used to playing mahjong, in which all forms of pyramids or other, but here is quite different! After all, all the dice here are arranged in a very unconventional way, because when looking for the side elements, the field will be able to twist them. All the elements themselves also look unusual here. But moreover, in the course of the level, they can change, because they will turn into bonuses. All of this part of the bonuses will give you more points for each level you pass. All of these make it easier to pass: adding time, allowing you to remove a dice along with any other dice. All bonuses will disappear as well as appear, so it's best to use them right away. Remove pairs of cubes with the same patterns, use bonus blocks and enjoy the beautiful game! We wish you a good time!

Category: Mahjong Games
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