Baby Race Galaxy Game

Guys, let's go for a ride, huh? Start your engines and let's go! "Baby Race Galaxy" is a kid's game where you get to race and have a blast! It is going to be a lot of fun! You will be playing a very young racer, who has been driving a car practically since he was in diapers and knows his stuff. The 6-year-old will go straight to the galactic races, where his rivals will be dinosaurs and other bizarre animals.

How to play?

The racer will race forward, and your task is to maneuver deftly around the track and collect gold stars. That will greatly increase your chances to outrun your rivals and win. But be careful, because on the way you will meet obstacles in the form of slippery barriers and puddles. These obstacles will slow you down, so it is better to bypass them. But you will have a super bonus in the form of nitro acceleration. This will help you to overtake your rival and come to the finish line first. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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