Head Soccer: Copa Libertadores 2019 Game

The game "Head Soccer: Copa Libertadores 2019" is a football tournament played between the best clubs in South America. As many as 47 soccer teams are taking part, so the game will be quite intense. You can choose one of your favorite teams that are participating in the championship and try to win the Libertadores Cup. Head-to-head soccer is a little bit different from real, big soccer, but nevertheless it is fun to play. First you have to go through the group stage, then as many as 3 qualifying stages and only after that you can move on to the Playoffs. The game will be quite long and heated, as it will not be easy to take the first place among all the participating teams.

How to play?

Choose your favorite player and start the game. There will be a lot of matches, which last only one minute. During this time you need to score 1-2-3 or more goals. But the goals you score must always be greater than the goals you concede or you won't be able to move up the leaderboard. Control your player, shoot the ball and think about your every move. By chance you can score a goal yourself if you play without thinking. The opponents in the matches will be different and they may play with different techniques, which you have to figure out to beat each of them. Ready to fight for the 2019 Libertadores Cup? Then get started!

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Control player 1:
  • - movement
  • - shocks

Control player 2:
  • - movement
  • - shocks