Sports Heads Game: Championship

Welcome to the Sports Heads Championship. It is not just football, but sports heads who can play football as well as real players take part here. You have to choose one of the teams and start the competition. To win the championship is not an easy task, but if you try hard, you may make your way to the top of the table with the score. You will have to play matches one after another, playing against different teams. Choose your favorite player and start the game!

How to play?

Jump and kick the ball constantly to give your opponent no time to think about it. Try to kick the ball immediately to the other half of the pitch so that it spins at the opponent's goal. Keep the ball and a player from the opposing team close to your own goal. Control the ball and use all the bonuses that appear on the field of play. These can be: freeze, acceleration, player growth, high jumps, small ball and more. Clever use of bonuses can bring victory to your team and help beat your opponent by several goals. Winning the championship will go only to the best sports heads, who not only love playing football, but also live it!

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