Floppy Red Fish Game

Welcome to the game "Floppy Red Fish"! If you love fishes and are ready to go with them to all feats then join the game and quickly start playing! Fish are very cute creatures that bring people joy. Some people get fish in an aquarium as pets to feed them and take care of them. But today in the game you will support a flying fish that wants to set a record.

And so, for this, you need to help the fish to swim among all the obstacles to help the fish to set a record and discover new and interesting regions under the ocean. It is very important that your fish stays in the air and flies as long as possible, do everything necessary so that the fish does not hit the obstacles and do not fall down. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again. Help the fish fly and beat the best record in the world! Good luck!

Category: Fish Games
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