Little Fish Adventure Game

"Little Fish Adventure" is a game in which you will have fun and great time with the goldfish Fifish! Today the fish has a big holiday, it's her birthday, so in the game you need to be very attentive and cope well with all the tasks, so as not to upset the fish. With this little fish you will go now on a big adventure in which she will show you her favorite thing to do. All you have to do is just go on a deep sea adventure with the fish and help her fulfill her dream!

Your task in the game is to collect 23 pearls at the bottom of a large deep ocean, for these pearls she wants to buy a birthday phone. To get all the necessary pearls, you need to explore all the objects of each level. Click on all the moving parts and look for new pearls! Want to find them all and please the fish, which loves adventure, and especially gifts on his birthday. We wish you good luck!

Category: Fish Games
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