Ever After High Goth Princesses Game

Girls! Welcome to the Ever After High Goth Princesses game! Nowadays the gothic style of clothing is very widely used in today's popular culture. Surely you can see this style in movies, on red carpets or music videos! Just in life, not many people use this style, because not everyone is ready to be in the style ready, but you do not even think how cool it is when you differ from others but you look absolutely beautiful! Today in the game girls Ever After High are ready to prove to you that this fashion is not at all worse than the others! Ready? Then let's begin!

Lizzie Harts, Darling Charming, Kitty Cheshire, Madeline Hatter, and other princesses want to transform into the goth style once again, as they have always been adherents of the gothic style. But once all the princesses dressed this way all the restrictions of high school prevented them from adopting this style. You need to emphasize the beauty of the princesses Ever After High with black colors that can become as attractive as pink or other. Discover new makeup and gothic outfits for the girls as well, which all the participants are ready to wear for their next party! We wish you the best of luck!

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