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Welcome to the game for lovers of card games "Siege Durak"! Now we want to give you a Russian popular card game, which has won the hearts of millions of fans. In the game "Fool of Tossed Up" you are waiting for a computer opponent with whom you can have a great time and spend it. "This Fool's Nest game will make your brain boil as you beat your opponent's cards. The most important thing is to stay focused and strive to win, as your computer opponent will be looking for any cards to stump you. Want to show him how to play? Then go for it!

How to play?

The rules of the game "Pawn Fool" is not difficult, but once you start playing you will realize that the game of Pawn Fool is a very interesting and exciting game. The aim of the game is to be the first to leave the game, having dealt all your cards after the opponent's cards have been dealt. After the first battle and then one card can be tossed and other such cards, only of different suit, the opponent must also beat them. If he doesn't beat the cards then he takes them, and you gain cards from the deck so you have 6 cards. If your computer opponent in the game "Slippery Fool" has covered all the cards of your turn and also tossed, then all of them are sent from the gaming table to retreat. The first has to finish his cards to someone who has moved, then the one who battled. The one who lost is considered a "fool" in the "Fool's Nest" game. If you make one move to your opponent with two sixes and he does not beat them then the loser is considered to be "a fool with straps". Don't let yourself become a fool, be careful and become the best Fool's Toss-up player in the world!

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