The Tom and Jerry Show Blast Off Game

Girls and boys, welcome to a little Tom and Jerry show in this fun drawing game, for smart kids like you! Have you been drawing for a long time and want to learn something new and interesting? Then this game is for you! Rather, take a pencil in his hand and rush to the aid of Tom and Jerry to fulfill their long-awaited show, which will take part not only you but also them! Ready to have fun and learn how to draw something new? Then let's begin!

Your task in the game is to help draw some models of rockets that you can build for Tom and Jerry! But instead of building them you will have to draw all the rockets, after which they will be ready to fly and make Tom and Jerry happy! Use all your artistic skills to draw and your mouse to draw along the dotted lines. Then fill the rocket with bright colors to your liking, the guys should love it! Once you're done Jerry will launch Tom into the air along with the rocket you drew. Have fun drawing the rockets working and help the guys make a delightful show with their testing! Good Luck!!!

Category: Drawing Games
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