Fill the Water Game

"Fill the Water" is a game for those who can't imagine life without water and really love to draw! And how do you draw? You like to take in hands not only felt-tip pens, pencils, but also a brush, which you put in the paint and wash the brush with water! Let's do a very good deed today, showing your artistic skills to good use! In this game, you'll be busy filling car tanks with water on each of the twenty levels. Ready? Then let's get started!

Your task is to draw lines so that they direct the water that wakes up flowing into the empty tank to fill it. Use all your creative drawing skills. There will be more than enough water to fill the tank to the required amount, but be careful! If you underfill with water, you will need to repeat the level. But before you open the faucet, you must figure out where the water will pour. If there is an obstruction between the tap and the machine, the tank is unlikely to fill. Draw a line and fill with water where you think it is necessary. Have a good time and enjoy the game!

Category: Drawing Games
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