Holographic Trends Game

It's easy to be a designer, but very interesting. You can create new designs in clothes, as well as hairstyles, makeup and other interesting designs in different directions. Have fun painting and coloring with your favorite colors in this stunning new game "Holographic Trends"! Here you, will create your designs for hair, clothes and nails to make them super fashionable. Don't be afraid to experiment, do things that don't fit together at all and you'll have great success waiting for you. Let's start with hair design, choose a suitable style, then use different options to choose the color and decorate your hair with hairpins and other things. Then, go for a cool denim design that is perfect for your summer evenings. There are many more interesting projects ahead of you that you need to work on. Try to follow the most fashionable trends. Have fun playing!

Category: Design Games
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