Decorate My Dream Castle Game

Girls and boys, welcome to the game "Decorate My Dream Castle"! Today we have prepared for you an interesting hobby in which you will look after and decorate a castle for the young prince and princess, who got married and want to live in a luxurious castle! The princess is very lucky with her husband, because he has a very large castle, which was inherited from her parents. In this game you have to make the most luxurious castle design for the young ones to live cozy and happy. Ready? Then let's get started!

And so, while the prince and princess are preparing a design for their castle of your choice, you need to tidy up the living room with a large fireplace and table. You also need to decorate and make the best design of the bedroom, where they will spend most of their time and update the landscape in front of the entrance. In the castle courtyard you need to install a new fountain, mow the lawn and plant the most beautiful flowers and trim the fence of bushes. Work you have a lot, but it will be very interesting for you, because to whom as not you young can trust the design of the castle! We wish you a great time in the game "Decorate My Dream Castle" and please the young!

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