Paint Them All Game

"Paint Them All" is a simple and very cool shooter in which you will be destroying different ghosts with paintball weapons. For a moment you can feel like a ghost hunter. Move from level to level, try not to miss or you can die from the bloodthirsty ghosts. With each level it will be harder and harder to play, for each killed ghost you will get coins. You can spend them to improve your armor, buy better gun, pump it, make it more damage. Here you can have a good time, if you can't pass the level, try to pump your character, so it will be easier to play. In total in the game there will be 12 levels, try to pass them as quickly as possible. Ghosts will move both on the ground and in the air, knock them down, do not let them get to your platform. Show all your agility and good luck!

Category: Cool Games
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