Agent J Game

"Agent J" is a great shooter, in the style of "Johnny Trigger". Only here you'll see 3D graphics. Also here there is even a little plot that you will be following. You will be fighting against a lot of military soldiers. Each one of them will be very well armed! The war will be not for life, but for death. Try to become a real hero in this war. Jay is an experienced agent with a lot of successful missions under his belt. Which he has handled just fine.

How to play?

You have to start a cool adventure in which you have to kill enemies. They will be everywhere, you have to take cover from bullets. Try not to take too much damage, keep an eye on your life bar. If it runs out, you lose! Each level is divided into sublevels, where you have to kill the weaker opponents first, and then the stronger ones, until you reach the Boss. If you get killed in the last stage, you'll have to start from the beginning. Choose different weapons, combine shots. Try to play carefully. In the shop, you can buy yourself new clothes, armor, weapons. Destroy everyone on your way! We wish you a pleasant game and good luck!

Category: Cool Games
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