3D Chess Game

"3D Chess" is a multiplayer online game in which you can test your wits against other opponents around the world or face off against the computer's artificial intelligence. This will be very difficult, even in the easy mode of the game. To learn a bit, select the lowest difficulty level and gain experience from the game. Win a few matches and test your experience online against real players. But if you are already a real expert of chess and you are a first class player of this magnificent logical board game, then welcome to the battlefield. Here you can feel yourself at home, calculate your moves in advance, create your strategy and enjoy the victory, even against your strongest opponents. The game has very remarkable 3D graphics with a lot of tinctures of the playing field and pieces, you will be able to customize everything to your liking.

How to play?

Chess is one of the most famous board games in the world. All the action of the game takes place on a 64-cell board with pieces on it. Chess can be played by two players and each player has sixteen pieces on his side which are arranged longitudinally in two rows. In the first row are the pieces called pawns, they move forward and fight diagonally. In the second row stand the more important pieces for the game. If a pawn reaches the last board line it can be replaced by a stronger piece such as a queen, knight, rook or bishop. In the middle of the board there is a queen and a king which should protect the king from enemy pieces. If the king is killed the game ends. Choose white or black chess and go for victory! Enjoy the game and easy wins.

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