Board Chess Game

Chess is one of the best and most fascinating board games that people have created. Many years ago, the game of chess was invented by a peasant for the powerful king and since then and to this day, people continue with great pleasure and excitement to play it. Rules of "Board Chess" is pretty simple and you can easily learn them. But to learn to play this board game is not easy, because the game has a deep meaning that not everyone can understand. That you learn to play you must be very attentive, have good logical thinking and work out hours of your technique and strategy. But if you are an experienced chess player and play excellently, then welcome to the battlefield.

How to play?

In this game you can play with virtual intelligence, or you can fight with your companion in a fair fight on the same computer. The rules of the game remain the same, you need to defeat your opponent by trapping the most important piece of the game, the king and checkmate him. Before you start the game, choose the size of the playing field, it can be 6x6 or 8x8, set the difficulty level depending on your skills and you can even switch the 3D mode on. Try to do your best to win. Enjoy the game!

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