Puzzle Blocks Ancient Game

Welcome to the game "Puzzle Blocks Ancient"! Today you have the opportunity to play a very interesting game in which you will see what the village blocks were like. In this game you will see something similar to puzzles, in which the rules of the game are similar to these, only instead of puzzles you will have the blocks of an ancient puzzle, they will be even more interesting for you! In this game you won't have to gather the beautiful pictures from the separate fragments. After all, to successfully start playing you need to understand this art of ancient puzzle with blocks, because here you need to develop your logical thinking. If you want and you are eager to find out what these blocks are hiding in the mystery and are ready to uncover all the secrets of ancient peoples who went down in history many centuries before us, then cromerea start to play and solve this ancient puzzle with blocks!

And so, first you will have countries to choose from in the game, but the available country to solve the first ancient block puzzle will be Egypt. You will be moving through different countries raising levels and earning points along the way. In order to get started you need to use your mouse. Left click and hold the mouse button to move the block and right click to rotate it. Keep rotating the blocks in this ancient puzzle game until they all fit perfectly in the allotted location for the blocks. If you need a hint, just click on the light bulb. Place all the blocks correctly with the fewest number of moves to earn stars and level up. Unravel the secrets of ancient peoples in different countries by playing the game "Blocks: Ancient Puzzle". We wish you the best of luck!

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  • - hold down the block to move
  • - rotate blocks