Block Escape Game

Girls and Boys! We present to your attention a popular game "Escape Block"! Today you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a very exciting game that can not only entertain your brain, but also well distract you from your worries at home! You can not even imagine that in the game Escape the Block King you are waiting for a very unusual and funny pastime in the coming minutes! This time you must take on the role of a very challenging red block, also known as "Block King", which will need to establish escape from a certain place, in which more and more blocks will be placed with each level. If you want to become the Block King, then you'll have to do what it takes to make a real Block Escape! Ready? Then let's get started!

How to play?

And so, firstly, in the game "Block Escape" you will be offered a pack of levels, which include the game difficulty modes, such as: beginner, easy, medium, hard, very hard and specialist. In order to reach the title of block escape specialist you need to collect a large number of stars while passing the levels of the game. All you need to win the game is to open a move to the red block escape. All other blocks such as horizontal blocks can only move side to side and vertical blocks up and down. Become the best player in the game "Escape Block" and enjoy a fun time with red block! We wish you the best of luck!

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