Baby Panda Care 2 Game

Today you are waiting for a very fascinating game, where you will help cute pandas, take care of babies. In the game you are waiting for three cute girls who need care. Ready to feel the role of a nanny? Then let's get started! First of all, let's choose one of the babies! Then you will have a lot of tasks in front of you, which you must perform. The first thing is to feed the baby. The baby is hungry! In front of you rice paste, powdered milk, apple puree from this you have to prepare a mixture and feed the baby. Now go to the bathroom, the baby is dirty and needs a bath! First, squeeze out the shampoo. Wash her hair! Then wash her face and hands. Now you need to pick up nice clothes and you can go play. At the end, you need to put the baby to bed and start taking care of the other babies. Good luck!

Category: Baby Care Games
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