Baby Panda Dream Garden Game

You won't believe it, but the little Panda has a vegetable garden where he grows different crops of grains and many other interesting plants. Having his plot of land is a dream for our Panda. Most of all, the Panda wanted to create his dream garden to grow the most beautiful trees and flowers. In today's game, you will help him fulfill orders from different parts of the world because tasting homemade fruits and vegetables is what many people want. Let's help the Panda and deal with all the tasks!

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Baby Panda Dream Garden

Baby Panda Dream Garden

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How to play?

Welcome to the Panda's dream garden, where you will see a small farm, a garden, a beautiful pond, and a vegetable garden where fruits and vegetables grow. You need to walk through all the plots to fulfill the tasks of our little Panda. Go to the field to make a scarecrow to drive the birds away from the wheat. Follow all the instructions, and you will have an excellent scarecrow that will save the harvest. It seems that the wheat is already ripe, so let's gather it to grind the grains and get flour.

What if we bake delicious bread and bagels? To the flour, add all the necessary ingredients and knead the dough. Then, put the bread in the oven, and when everything is baked, you can put everything into bags to send the order to your customers. It's time to taste the vegetable garden, where different fruits and vegetables grow. But even here, you must help the Panda and eliminate unwanted insects so they do not spoil the berries. When the berries are ripe, collect them and make delicious jam; you are very good at it. Keep it up so that Panda's dream garden will be the best. Enjoy the game!

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  • The game's release date is November 2023.
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