Surprise Egg Among Us Game

The game "Surprise Egg Among Us" is full of fun and your favorite sweets! All children and even adults love chocolate eggs. It is unlikely in the world, who would not be happy to receive a gift gift of a sweet egg Kinder Surprise! You just can not think of a more perfect sweetness! Crunchy chocolate will delight true sweet tooth. And those who do not like sweets, will get a pleasant surprise in the form of a funny figure or a small toy. It is difficult to resist! But what if you combine the character of a popular game and a tasty thing? It would be just the bomb!

How to play?

Among As: Eggs with Surprise awaits you with a collection of delicious chocolates and cool toys! The gist of the game is simple. When a wrapped tasty treat appears in front of you, you need to unwrap it quickly. Under the cover will be a chocolate egg, and hide inside a box with a surprise. Open it, and get the toy astronaut from the game "Among Us". Unwrap the maximum number of sweet surprise eggs to get the entire collection of amusing "Among Us" figures. Have fun playing!

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