SpongeBob Among Us Game

The astronauts from the "Among Us" team got so bored with the space battles that the guys decided to return home and dive into the whirlpool of earthly adventures. Want to join them and have a great time? Then, welcome to the game "SpongeBob Among Us"! You will play a funny amongacer, which is very similar to the popular character Sponge Bob. Surely this is it, because the events of the game will unfold directly in Bikini Bottom!

How to play?

This game will please fans of the legendary Super Mario, because there will be many boxes of surprises and very similar enemies around. Evil mushrooms will be patrolling Bikini Bottom, and carnivorous plants are lurking in the pipes waiting for a victim. To destroy the mushrooms, you need to jump on their heads, but the flowers are better to avoid. On the way collect gold coins and break down the crates. There may be hidden mushrooms to grow or flowers, with which the astronaut can shoot. This greatly increases the chances of success and help cope with enemies in two! Everyone, without exception, will enjoy this game and give the player a great mood and a lot of positive emotions. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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