Among Us Match 3 Game

To become an astronaut and a true space conqueror, you must have not only excellent health and stamina, but also a high intellect. To do this, you need to pump your brain with the help of new information and other intellectual simulators. One of the most popular types of mind training are puzzles. They come in different types: puzzles, logic games, search for objects and differences, three in a row and more.

How to play?

In Among As: Three in a Row, you'll play alongside the famous astronauts. These guys love to have fun in between sabotage and searching for traitors in the main game "Among Us". And today, you'll be joining them! It's going to be very cool, interesting and just plain fun!

Your task is to collect the crew members, traitors and in general the same cosmonauts by three or more in one row vertically and horizontally. Then they will disappear, and new heroes will appear in their place. For each collected astronauts you will get money. Also, during the game keep an eye on the indicator in the left corner of the game. If it is empty, you lose. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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