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Puzzles are a very interesting and useful way to train your intellectual skills. You can playfully train your logical skills and make your brain work. Well, if you play puzzles in a cool company, then it will be twice as cool! Want to have a good time and play with characters from Among Us team? Then, stock up on tea and cookies3, and welcome to the game "Sort Among Us"!

How to play?

Ahead, players will experience 60 levels with the coolest astronauts in the world. Here the game will not divide the astronauts into crew members and traitors. Today, all amongasers will be equal! In front of you will be several astronauts consisting of different parts. Your task is to sort all the parts of the heroes so as to collect all astronauts by the colors of their spacesuits. Use your claws to move different parts to the specially designated places and try to cope with the task as soon as possible. It will not be easy, because with each new level the number of characters will increase and the task will become more complicated. But it's worth a little nagryachsya, and you can get through all levels. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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