Among Us Hidden Numbers Game

It's time to exercise our brains a little with the fun astronauts from Among Us. The guys are tired of constantly dealing with sabotage or preventing it and they want to have some fun. For that, they have prepared a fun game with their participation. Are you ready to play with them? Then, welcome to the game "Among Us Hidden Numbers".

How to play?

There are six levels ahead of you, where attention and observation will help you cope with the task. Each level will have a picture of popular art in different styles. These will be both official pictures and beautiful fan art of the popular game. You need to find 10 digits on the picture - from one to ten.

The first level will be very simple, and you can easily pass it. But further the game will become more complicated and it will not be so easy to find the digits. Carefully study every inch of the picture and try to find all the numbers. But remember that the time to search will be very short. In 39 seconds the player will have to find 10 digits. But the number of attempts will not be limited! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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