Mystic India Pop Express Game

A fascinating journey awaits you in mysterious India. It is a land of a thousand surprises and coincidences. As soon as you set foot on the sacred ground, India will reveal its secrets to you with the mystical sound of the flute and tanpur block. In the game "Mystic India Pop Express", you will start your acquaintance with a small challenge. You will be playing a beautiful elephant, which is located in the center of the playing field. You will be surrounded by intricate mazes, through which will go colorful balls. You must not let the chain balls to get to the entrance, which guards the elephant. To do this you must shoot and collect three or more balls of the same color. Also, shoot the coins to earn more bonus points. Once the marbles run out, then you can move on. With each new level, the mazes will become more twisted. Enjoy the game!

Category: Zuma Games
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  • - to shoot.
  • - to change the color of the balloon.