Vampire Doctor Game

Even though vampires have immortality and the gift of eternal life, they too can get sick. In such cases, it's a good time to see a doctor instead of enduring pain and discomfort. But vampires can be not only sick, but also doctors. In the game "Vampire Doctor", you will take the role of an unusual ghoul doctor and will treat an ordinary patient. He will become a charming girl, who is tormented by illnesses. The first thing to do is to check the girl's teeth. Cast a spell on the teeth of the beauty and she will become the owner of a Hollywood smile.

After that, do an eye exam, and select glasses for the patient. A beautiful frame will not only help correct the vision, but will also be a cool element of the image. Next, the vampire doctor will have to fix the patient's stomach pain, and heal a broken arm. Closely follow the clues and you will be able to quickly put the poor woman on her feet and bring her back to the joy of life. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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