Tom and Jerry: Leaning Tower of Cheese-A Game

Welcome to the game "Cheese Tower"! Here you will have a real cheese adventure together with Tom and Jerry. It's no secret that our little friend is crazy about cheese. He likes all kinds of cheese without exception: gouda, cheddar, cheese with mold, brie, goat cheese and other. In a word, Jerry is a big gourmand who can't resist a tasty treat. Today he decided to indulge in an epic snack and build a huge cheese tower from different kinds of hotly beloved cheese! Let's give him a hand!

How to play?

The Cheese Tower game is an edible version of jenga. You must rearrange the cheese bars by pulling them out of the tower you have built, and place them on top horizontally or vertically. The placement of the bars will alternate. Try to pull out the cheese blocks in such a way that the tower does not fall. If it falls, you will lose and have to start over. Play time after time, break your own records and become the cool cheese champion! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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