Superhero Dentist Game

Guys, today you are going to be a real superhero dentist! The fact is that you have some very unusual patients coming to your clinic, all of them superheroes. Ready to test their knowledge of dentistry? Then you have come to the right place! We will help you, follow all the steps so that you do not get confused. Just make sure you follow all the clues. All right, let's get started! Look into the waiting room and you'll see that you are already lined up of superheroes who need your help. Choose one of the patients and begin treatment. The first thing you need to remove the bandage from the face, then open your mouth to assess the situation. Next you need to clean your teeth, for this you need to prepare a special paste. Now you can use all the tools that you see in front of you to start a comprehensive treatment. Try to help all the patients, because you are a dentist superhero. Good luck!

Category: Teeth Games
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