Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Game

We invite you to try yourself as a taxi driver behind the wheel of a rather unusual vehicle. The auto rickshaw is a covered three-wheeled vehicle that is most often used to carry passengers. It is on it you will serve customers. Exercise caution, as the roads will be waiting for you many dangerous obstacles. Make sure your passengers have a safe ride and get them to their destination!

How to play?

A hot and exciting journey through winding country roads awaits you. Start your career as an autorickshaw taxi driver now! The game has 10 exciting levels that will gradually increase in difficulty. Each level will take only a short time to complete, so hurry up! Beware of wild animals that can suddenly pounce on you for no reason, as well as collisions with other obstacles. Your vehicle will have a limited safety margin. After three major damages, your taxi will break down and it will be game over for you. For transporting passengers to the necessary stop, you'll get money that can be spent to buy a new vehicle. In total there will be available to you 5 types of taxis. Complete all the tasks and become a professional autorickshaw driver! Good luck in the game!

Category: Taxi Games
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  • / - control
  • - turn off/start the engine
  • - handbrake
  • - instantaneous stoppage
  • - camera repositioning