Zigzag Taxi Game

This one click game will take you to a bright and exciting pixel world, where you will need to make your own way between the small square platforms, beyond which there is a bottomless abyss! So, you need to have not just any eye, to pave the way of the right length and not fall into the abyss. There is no need to rush, because in this game you are not limited in time.

How to play?

If you successfully move to another platform, you will receive coins, and if you perfectly hit the edge of the road in the center of the opposite object, you will be given bonus coins, the number of which depends on the distance between the hills. You will need to collect these coins at the end of the level, or after losing, because they aren't automatically transferred to your total balance. Also, for the first 9 days you will receive extra coins for logging into the game. With each level, there will be more and more platforms, and in addition, each time the distance between them, the size and speed of the road will change, making it difficult to reach the finish line. If you lose and restart the game, all objects on the level will be automatically changed randomly. The game provides you with 15 different vehicles to choose from, such as: sports cars, ambulance cars, school buses and several types of trucks. It also has more than 100+ colorful levels and 6 types of platforms that you can unlock over time. And the smooth controls and good graphics will allow you to relax well and get maximum enjoyment from the game!

Category: Taxi Games
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