Tom Shift Game

Yay! Today our favorite talking cat Tom decided to fulfill his planned hobby, and you can help him in this! In the game "Tom Shift" you will entertain our hero on a full program, because he so waited for your appearance, that he can not wait to trust you and to fulfill together with you his desire, namely, the long-awaited entertainment, which will be fun not only him, but also you! Cat Tom wants a little pose, making the shift on the road, and passing various obstacles! Ready to help Tom make the perfect road shift? Then go for it!

Your task in the game is to be very attentive and do not take your eyes off of the cat Tom, because the result depends on this victory and the performance of his hobby, which in the future may become his favorite, thanks to you! Do not let the cat Tom, you just need to manage it, when he will make every shift on the road passing walls with trimmed figures Tom. You have to go through these walls together with Tom. Once you see Tom`s figure on the wall in a pose, find it in the pictures at the bottom of the playing field and click, so Tom will pass through the wall, and you do it every time. If all budite do correctly you win, and you will find even more poses to correctly move Tom on the road! We wish you a great time, and cope with all the difficulties with Tom! We wish you good luck and have fun!

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