Plastic Surgery Game

Guys, the game Plastic Surgery welcomes you! Nowadays there are very few good doctors left, who are able to do the best plastic surgery. In this game we want you to learn how to make plastic surgery on the face of everyone, who wants to look not on 60 years old, but on the whole 20! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a doctor, namely to make people operations? If so, then it is great, because here you have a great chance to become a professional doctor of plastic surgery on the face! So. ready to please and make girls young and unique? Then let's get started!

How to play?

And so, it's time to treat patients in your own hospital! The goal of the game is to give everyone a facial plastic surgery and do a little stylist work on each girl! To do this, you will get to a small town, on the map you will see a lot of levels that you have to pass to achieve your goal! For operations on the faces of women you will have all the necessary gadgets. Take in the hands of various creams, shots and rush to impose beauty on each patient, to leave her satisfied and go to the next level! We wish everyone a successful plastic surgery and become a professional in your field!

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