Subway Surfers Cambridge Game

"Subway Surfers Cambridge" - in this series you and I will go to the United States of America, namely Massachusetts, sometimes it is mistaken for Cambridge, England. You will see many interesting things in this series, a beautiful university, with very old architecture. In this update new characters have been added: Katie, Morgan and Noel. Also new hoverboards have been added: Crew, Crew Crush, Surf & Spray, Blue Ice and Wild Style.

How to play?

Try to escape from the evil railroad guard. To do this, use the arrow keys or the mouse, as you prefer. Collect coins, keys, get yourself characters, collect or pull hoverboards out of boxes. You can spend your earned coins to improve different abilities: magnet - he brings a lot of coins, jet pack - you can fly far away and collect a good handful of coins in flight, jumping boots - with them you will jump over the train, and many other interesting abilities you can pump. Also you need to pay attention to the leaderboard. Run a long distance and try to top this list. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

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