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Welcome to the Big City of Bikini Bottom! Today our favorite heroes SpongeBob, Squidward and Sandy decided to have a little fun. In the game "SpongeBob on the Run" you will be helping the heroes to escape from the Indians who have sneaked into Bikini Bottom. They want to catch all the inhabitants of this town to conquer the Crabsburgers. All residents of Bikini Bottom are desperate, because they are afraid of the villainous Indians sneaking into their favorite cafe. Let's help SpongeBob and his friends save Bikini Bottom from these evil people!

Your task in the game "Sponge Bob on the Run" is to help the characters run away from the evil Indians so that they get behind you and do not get to the crab burgers. To do this, choose your first character SpongeBob and start running. Run fast and do not get trapped. Collect on the way coins and various bonuses. For coins you will be able to continue to run already next heroes, Sandy, and then with Squidward. Try to jump over all obstacles so as not to lose and not to fall under the manhole. Have a good time on the run with SpongeBob and his friends. Do not let the evil Indians hurt the town of Bikini Bottom. We wish you the best of luck!

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