Spider Solitaire 1 Suit: Russian Game

"Spider Solitaire 1 Suit: Russian" — is probably the simplest and easiest spider game, it's very good for beginner players. The game is made very high quality and simple, you just need to open the game and you can just play for fun! Spider in Russian - this is a solitaire card game, it is one of the basic solitaire games in windows. The game has three types of complexity: simple (one suit), this game is now presented to you, the average (two suits), complex (four suits). In this game you will see that on the table will be repeated one card 8 times. The aim of the game of spider is to collect all the cards in order from the largest card of the king to the closing card in the form of an ace and put them in the so-called house.

You are given exactly 500 moves to stack cards, on average the game can be completed in 100-200 moves, but people set records and complete the game in less than 100 moves, try to stack cards and set a new record!

How to play?

The game has simple rules that need to know and understand that quickly and accurately fold Solitaire One Suit in Russian. How to move cards we will tell in more details:

Cards in each column, excluding the top cards, will be closed. The top card in any of the columns can be moved to an empty space. Regardless of color or suit, the topmost card may be moved in order of precedence to the next card. Move the stack of cards already assembled in order as one card. In a single-suit spider, you also need to be patient and take your time. We wish you the best of luck, fold the spider 1 suit as quickly as possible!

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