Firework Fever Game

Have a celebratory fireworks display in the big cities of America with the game "Firework Fever"! Each player can fully experience the festive atmosphere and have fun! While your parents or relatives lay the festive table in the night sky let out colorful lights, visiting the different cities of America. You can put fireworks in the sky visiting cities such as: Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Dubai and Prague! All right guys! Ready? Then get your hands on a firework and let's go on a trip!

How to play?

Your task in the game is to blow up fireworks in every country in America! To do this, you need to collect coins, unlock new cities and score points. Open chests for new exciting levels in which you can earn large amounts of coins. You will need coins to unlock other cities. Click and explode the fireworks. Click on all fireworks, only except the red ones, which won't explode at all and will end the game. Be careful not to lose and earn as many coins as possible! Have fun with the fireworks fever and enjoy the game!

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