Starship Troopers: Mission to the Moon Game

"Starship Troopers: Mission to the Moon" is an exciting new third-person shooter in which you will have to assume the role of a Starfighter and clear an enemy base on the moon! You will move to distant future where rocket building has reached unprecedented heights that allowed humans to build entire military research complexes on the surface of the Moon. But suddenly the base was seized by an alien race of hostile humanoids that exterminated all the space station personnel in cold blood. Now you must now single-handedly fight against an army of armed aliens to prevent the invasion of Earth!

How to play?

Ahead of you awaits a multitude of exciting levels, in each of which you need to eliminate a certain number of targets. You will have 7 types of futuristic weapons in your arsenal, such as: plasma gun, flamethrower, assault rifle, grenade launcher, shotgun, machine gun and even a portable rocket launcher. Slowly move around the huge location and stealthily eliminate single foes so as not to raise the alarm. After all, otherwise all the nearest enemy squads will go for help and you'll have to flee. Above the enemies will be a special indicator that will help you determine when you can be detected. Use airlocks as shelters, where you can find first-aid sets and restore your health. Also in the game you will get the survival mode, where you will need to destroy as many aliens as possible. The locations of all enemies within a radius of several hundred meters from you will be marked on the mini-map. We wish you a successful mission!

Category: Space Games
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