Sonic CD Game

Game "Sonic CD" — is created in 2D graphics, the gameplay is similar to the series of previous parts. Here according to the plot, Dr. Eggman has found a new planet on which the time stones are placed, if he possesses them, he will be able to completely subdue time. Our blue friend, having learned all this, is about to embark on a journey to explore this planet. In this adventure, you meet Amy Rose, but in moments she will be snatched away by the Metal Sonic, an exact replica of Sonic made by Eggman to confront you. Now you will have to save Sonic's beloved, collect all the time stones. Defeat your opponents and save the universe!

How to play?

You need to pass 7 levels, called rounds, each of them will be divided into 3 zones, they will be filled with robot enemies named bandik. You will attack the enemies, for this you just have to curl up into a ball and destroy the enemy with a sharp acceleration! After defeating the bandicoots, a seed is released and, in that place, a flower will rather appear. Collect the rings, once you reach 100, you get an extra life.

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  • - Start the Game / Pause
  • - look up
  • - get down
  • - forge ahead
  • - dash back
  • // - leap