Solitaire Tri Peaks Game

"Solitaire Tri Peaks" — Get ready to head to an abandoned island where you will try to play a very cool card game. The rules of the game are very simple, collect one more or less card as shown in the tutorial. If you run out of cards on the table, you can take an extra one from the deck on the left. On the table, most of the cards will be laid out shirt up, and your task will be to open them and collect them. To get bonus cards you must collect large combinations of cards without using cards from the deck. Complete the level with one, two or three stars. For this you will receive coins, these can be used to take additional cards if the deck is empty, or to go back one turn. There will be available in the game 20 levels in total, try to pass them all. But be careful, you have only 5 lives for this! Also every day you will have different tasks, complete them and get a lot of gold coins for this. We wish you a pleasant game and good luck!

Category: Solitaire Games
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