Pop The Ice Game

Welcome to Pop The Ice, a fun and incredibly addictive game of skill in which you must hit the table in time to toss an ice cube to the top! Hit the bar with your fist as soon as the glass of ice is right below the glass on the top shelf. You'll have to hurry because the room will be flooded with gallons of heady beverage!

Category: Skill Games
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How to play?

There are 90 exciting levels ahead of you, in which you will have to demonstrate your manual dexterity and reaction speed to make a refreshing smoothie. You'll earn gold coins for completing levels, which can be used to buy new ice cubes, glasses, or hands. Sometimes, you must find a safe way up near total darkness with minimal visibility. You have to consider many different factors as you toss, including wind direction, glide speed, and the angle of the glass. You will travel to countries worldwide, such as China, Serbia, Germany, Russia, Japan, etc. Build a collection of noble drinks in your wine cellar and learn the history of the origin of each bottle!

Game Details:
  • Here is the online game Pop The Ice, you can play it for free right now.
  • It has 52 player votes with an average rating of 3.62.
  • The game's release date is June 2022.
  • The game can be played on the following platforms: Web Browser (PC), Android / iOS (Mobile).