Pit Stop Stock Car Mechanic Game

"Pit Stop Stock Car Mechanic" is a very entertaining game in which you can become a real mechanic in Nascar racing. If you're a fan of watching cool car races, then this game will definitely appeal to you. But today you will not be in the role of a racer. Many people do not even think that in addition to the pilot there is a large team. There is a staff that is responsible for the Pit Stop. This is a kind of quick maintenance, changing wheels, fuel or maybe even a change of driver. There are different races that can last not just a few hours, but even a few days! Exactly today, you will be that liaison, you will have a very big responsibility!

How to play?

Before you start the game, you must choose a team, then go do your job. The game is divided into a huge number of levels. Each action mechanic, consists of small actions, for example: put the jack, lift the car, remove the wheels, put on a new, lower and then remove the jack. You will be responsible for these kinds of actions. Filling up the fuel, but here you also have to fill it up evenly, no less and no more. You just have to be able to handle it. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game.

Category: Simulator Games
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