Ships of War Game

Welcome aboard, Captain! In this exciting game you will be in command of an armored warship equipped with powerful artillery cannons! You have an extremely important mission to complete, which is to protect the territorial waters around a secret naval base. There is an experimental development of a universal vaccine, which in the hands of intruders can turn into a deadly biological weapon, capable of inflicting serious damage to humanity! Unfortunately the location of the base has been discovered and now flotillas of enemy ships are hurtling towards you to steal the serum and destroy the base!

How to play?

Sink all enemy boats and defend the defensive tower system around the military base. Your ship will be equipped with five different types of guns, such as: machine gun, large-caliber cannon, mines, rocket launcher and laser turret. Unleash the firepower of your battleship on your enemies! Earn points to improve and repair defensive structures. Pick up ammo before it sinks. Patrol the area, repel multiple enemy attacks, and become the lord of the sea! Have fun playing the game!

Category: Ship Games
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