Yacht Simulator: Parking Game

The "Yacht Simulator: Parking" game is a marina parking simulator where you must get accustomed to driving a big beautiful yacht in different conditions. It is specially designed to reproduce the control mechanics and conditions for parking a real boat in a marina as accurately as possible. A marina is a place where yachts and other small vessels are moored. Often, they are concentrated in places where yacht tourism is very well developed. Parking there is not easy, requiring special knowledge and skills from the ship's captain. You have an excellent opportunity to get practical lessons in yacht parking.

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How to play?

To begin with, you have to go through a training level, where you will get acquainted with the basic mechanics of yacht movement. You will have to examine it from all sides, switch the camera, check the operation of the main and aft engines, and try to carry out your first parking. There are five levels with different complexity and mooring conditions. First, you will have a wide berth and good weather conditions. Then, the opposite current and wind of different strengths will be added, and the mooring becomes challenging.

Your task is to moor the yacht and keep it from colliding with other ships or objects in the shortest possible time. It won't be easy to do so because the physics of the movement is as close to reality as possible. You cannot brake sharply or turn the boat in the opposite direction. To do so, you will have to switch engines in reverse and be ready so that the reaction on this will not be instantaneous. So try as carefully as possible to increase or decrease the speed and turn in the right direction in advance. If you do not manage to steer the boat successfully, don't despair. Try again. And know that real yacht captains face such difficulties, but they, unlike you, have no right to make a mistake.

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