My Shark Show Game

Everyone is used to seeing sharks as bloodthirsty predators that know no mercy. But today this big dangerous fish will appear before us in a very unusual role. He's going to be a real star! Are you already intrigued? Then we invite you to the big "My Shark Show"! You will play a great white shark that decided to become famous and achieved his goal. Huge predator dreamed to perform on stage and get a standing ovation. And now her wish has come true!

How to play?

There are seventeen exciting levels ahead of you, where the shark will perform. The fish will swim in a large pool and delight spectators with beautiful spectacular tricks that you will help it perform. You'll have to help the fish jump high out of the water and dine on big chunks of meat, smash boats with fishermen, jump through burning rings and much more. Perform mind-blowing stunts and help the fish become the real star of "My Shark Show"! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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