School Bus Racing Game

"School Bus Racing" is a fun and very interesting game about how you will drive the bus. Today you will be in the role of a school bus driver, your task will be to deliver children to school. On your way you will meet various kinds of obstacles, try to bypass them, getting as little damage as possible. In total there will be available 30 levels. They can be passed on the result: one, two and three stars, the more, the better. Try to flip as little as possible, or your life bar will run out very quickly. The bus has a special feature for flipping it is a jump.

How to play?

Along the way you will collect coins, pass the level without getting damaged and get bonus coins as well. You'll need the money to buy better buses. In the shop you will be given a choice of five buses. Each one has a different characteristic. Pick the one that's right for you. During the ride do tricks, do somersaults, so you can multiply the money you earn. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

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