Castle Raid 3D Game

"Castle Raid 3D" is a fascinating and very interesting game with fighting elements. You will control a large number of little people. You and your army will be at war with the enemies. Feel like a real warlord. Here in your power will be the whole army, which you must increase. But after each battle you will have to suffer losses. You need to be judicious and make the right decisions. On the battlefield there is no place for cowards! Try to prove, and show what you are capable of in this cool war game!

How to play?

Pave the way for your troops, along the way you will come across multiplication strips, for your army. But you may also come across strips with addition, subtraction, as well as division. Here you will not only have a good time, but also practice your math. You will also need to fight your opponents. Everything needs to be done so that your fighters are outnumbered. Kill all the opponents, and capture the tower. To win, you will need to show all your wit and cunning. You may have to sacrifice a lot of wars in many moments, but you will need it in order to collect even bigger army. We wish you victories in battles. Good Luck!

Category: Running Games
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