Run of Life Game

Sometimes our life is like a race, where the starting point is the same for everyone, but the height we can reach to the end is different. Some people are idle all the time, while others work hard and achieve incredible results that remain in people's memories forever. In the amazing new game "Run of Life" you will have to overcome many challenges along the way, making the right decisions to live a long and happy life!

How to play?

To control the character, press and hold the left mouse button, then move the cursor in the desired direction. You need to run on a narrow platform in the middle of the endless ocean and pass through arches that will affect the length of your life. For example, the doors called smoking, unhealthy food and bad sleep will have negative effect on your body. So exercise and eat more healthy foods to maintain good health until your old age. Before the race, you will have the opportunity to choose one of 3 random bonuses that will give you some extra life. To keep your joints healthy, choose small stairs. This will give you the opportunity to conserve your strength to tackle more difficult obstacles. You'll also be able to start the run as an infant, which will help slow down the aging process. Use the diamonds you earn to buy various auxiliary items, such as: mineral water, first aid kit, rejuvenating cream or yoga mat. Don't forget to improve your character's stats to reduce energy consumption for climbing the stairs or to increase the maximum number of lives. "Run of Life" has plenty of exciting levels, each one gradually increasing in difficulty. Spin the wheel of fortune, open treasure chests and earn daily bonuses for logging in!

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