Wall Breaker Game

"Wall Breaker" is a dynamic 3D skill game in which you will have a unique opportunity to take control of a huge armored cyborg and go to destroy everything in its path! You need to be very attentive to successfully overcome obstacle courses, where every step can lead you to a deadly trap! Improve your skills and reaction speed to achieve the highest result!

How to play?

The game has many unique levels, the difficulty of which will gradually increase. Your character will continuously run forward. In order to activate the acceleration, you must use the "LKM" or press the "Forward" key. In front of you there will be strong walls that will move at different speeds. Run through them to break them down, delivering a crushing blow to the vulnerable place! You'll encounter lots of different obstacles like giant hammers, flamethrowers, rotating barriers, and more! Break down the walls, speed up in time and get to the finish line unscathed! We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

Category: Running Games
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